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Wrapping up the semester

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As we finish up work on our Freshest I website project, it's time to also began wrapping up the semester.

That means making sure your individual story and your team contributions are all in their almost final form and posted to our content management system and that you have completed work on all other individual projects in the class gallery.

In our final class session Dec. 11, we hope to do a final proofing and editing of the site, with everyone in the class (plus a few guest mentors) looking to find areas in which we can improve after the various teams finish up their work:


We'll also be filling out our standard end-of-class evaluation forms and completing a special form (left) that will allow each of us give feedback to the instructor on how each of our teammates did with our final project and how well we ourselves did with the individual projects in the second half of the semester.

Remember that this is a contract-graded portfolio class — something you probably will never run into again. That means you get to propose your own final grade. The instructor will then notify as soon as possible (hopefully by Reading Day) whether you have performed at that level or whether you need to do additional work to bring your grade up to that level.

Your completed form will be due at the end of class Dec. 11. You may want to get a jump on things by downloading it and completing most of it before class.

If you have any questions or need help, you can sign up for a one-on-one appointment with the instructor using the form below.


Below, as a reminder, is a gallery of class members' portfolio sites. Remember that you can use these sites when looking for a job and that they also will be evaluated during your senior year, so you should plan to keep them regularly updated throughout your time as a journalism major.