JOUR199 Getting Started in Journalism

Thanks for a great semester!

Everyone should take justifiable pride in the fine work you did on our team project, Fresh I, which the general public can now view at the special URL Spread the word about the site, especially to would-be or future freshmen.

Some team members still have a few loose ends to tie up, and everyone should take a few minutes to go through the entire site one last time, being extra vigilant for any errors or other things that might confuse our target audience, students considering becoming freshmen at Illinois.

Net ID

If you spot a problem or something that might be improved, contact the appropriate team (see our original assignment page) or, better yet, just go ahead and fix it yourself via the administrative interface at

If you haven't already done so, also complete a peer evaluation form that will inform the instructor's grading of the project. It's due at 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 22. Also due at that time will be our last individual assignment, which many of you already have completed: a WordPress site (in a directory named portfolio on your hosting account) that you will be expected to use throughout your time as a journalism major to showcase examples of work you perform in each class and in various jobs and internships you participate in.

This long-term portfolio / gallery of your work should include an online resumé and will be useful not only in job searches but also will be evaluated in your senior year as evidence of everything you have learned. It should be in some theme other than the default and should be adjusted so that it employs useful widgets, sidebars and menus and gets rid of any default items that do not contribute to your primary purpose. As time goes on, well after this class, you will be able to update both the content and the design. For our purposes this semester, just make sure it shows up when you click on the check mark underneath the assignment name on our gallery page

Students also have until Dec. 22 to resubmit any missing work or any assignment they would like to try to improve on. Just make sure all resubmissions show up on the gallery page and email the instructor at to let him know what you have resubmitted.

Here's hoping the class was as enjoyable for you as students as it was for the instructor to teach. All of you have bright futures ahead as journalism majors. Don't be strangers as you move ahead in the curriculum. If you ever have questions, need help or just want to chat (maybe even about the lack of an Oxford comma in this phrase), feel free to stop by Room 25 anytime.

Meanwhile, enjoy a well deserved holiday break!