JOUR199 Getting started in journalism

Class members' tweets

To practice finding and writing leads, class members (identified by Twitter handle at the bottom of this page) are tweeting links to at least one news story every day. Tweets are to be like actual story leads, with no Twitter-speak abbreviations, and should include both the hashtag #TheNois along with a shorted link to the original story.

The goal is to get students thinking every day about how to find the most engaging elements of any story and summarize them as engagingly as possible and in as few words as possible while still maintaining standards of syntax, grammar, accuracy and balance.

Don't tweet like a politician, entertainer or athlete; tweet like a journalist writing a lead.

Student Twitter handle
Sam Boyle @sjboyle2
Olivia Breaux @Olivia_Breaux
Quinn Brosnahan @QuinnBrosnahan
Devin Brown @devinbrown_j199
Andrea Cannon @cannon_andrea8
Jenny Delgado @jdelga52
Matt Haufe @Matthew_haufe
Acacia Hernandez @acaciaarose
Connor Josellis @connorwritelead
Hampden Keil @hampdenkeil
Amari Maisonet @amariiix
Kati Potaczek @katipotaczek1
Danielle Prazak @DaniellePrazak
Stephanie Quirk @stephanie_quirk
Matt Rice @Matt_12_Rice
Niani Scott @nianisthoughts
Tara Sohns @tarasohns
Sam Tinaglia @TheIlliniGuy98
Zihan Wang @Zihan_Wang15
Kenya Williams @Kenyasw2
Jose Zepeda @HoseA151